$50 Photoshoot

How do we afford such low prices? Simple, instead of bringing the photographer to you, we bring you to the photographer. This allows you to pay for a 1/4th of an hour of a photo-shoot. 

Every Photoshoot Includes

Our $50 Portraits are Events - Select and purchase your ticket and then lock in your preferred time. Our tickets and time-slots are on a first come first serve basis, so get your ticket before were sold out!

Upcoming Photoshoots

Select one of the Events below to book your shoot. If you have any questions, send us a message or give us a call at (647) 447 6636

Mississauga - Headshots
Mississauga Pop Up Studio
St.Catharines - Headshots
Pop Up Studio ( The Lofts )

Raw Image Edits

We shoot in RAW image files and edit them individually with Adobe Camera Raw. This means no mass filters, each photo is individually edited because after all - we're making art.

Facial Touchups

Each photo is then professionally edited with Adobe Photoshop. We adjust your tones, eyes, hair, facial hair and more to you make your photo as perfect as possible.

Unlimited Prints

Instead of charging your for prints, we send you the high resolution digital files. This way you can get unlimited copies from anywhere, like Walmart for $0.15 per print.

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