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 Brand Developer 

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Non Profit / For Prophet

Pikx Offers it's services free of charge to any non profit organizations or religious groups of any denomination ☺

Pikx By Panther

Hi I'm Panther Sohi - the founder and principal of Pikx . I love taking on new projects, coming up with ideas and seeing them implemented in the real world.

About Me

Music - Led Zeppelin / Beatles / Bob Dlyan / Eminem  - 

TV - The Office - Pokemon - Married With Children 

Movies - "Pass"

Hobbies - Cooking, Hiking, Bodybuilding, Drawing, Photography, Entrepenuer-ing 

A PREIST, AND A RABBI WALK INTO A BAR... They're here to meet Panther to dicuss details about an upcoming charity event they're both involded in. 

What has two legs, two