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Logo Design

Simple enough to remember, powerful enough to leave an impression. A brand extends beyond a logo, its a certain theme that will follow through to your website, advertisement techniques, future marketing strategies, and ultimately how it's perceived by the public. We develop a creative and timeless brand that's sure to impresses any customer or client.

Brand Development

We take your brand to the next level by developing an archetype to establish your role as a player in the market. This will affect how your brand is viewed by the public, and will influence any future marketing strategies. A local pizza place that can't afford premium toppings or baseball stars for commercials - but they could emphasize the homemade - real Italian aspect, something their corporate competitors can't match, giving them a place on the table. 

Name & Slogan

The right name and slogan for your business can be extremely helpful, while a mistake can hurt your brand. Not only will it determine the face of your company, but it will be the first impression customers have with your brand. A name can shape a product or idea. For example a smoothie that contains fruit concentrates but no real fruit can be named "UnReal Fruit Smoothies" and have fruits on the advertisements - this lets you "lie" to your customers without breaking the way. 


Is your brand still effective in driving in customers? Does it look outdated compared to the competition? Does it reflect the level of professionalism your business has achieve? How does your current website rank? Does your brand coincide with your website and  marketing strategy? We start by evaluating the usability, accessibility and effectiveness of your website to determine what steps to take.