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Panther Sohi

My Name is Panther Sohi and I'm the Founder & Photographer behind Pikx. I combine professional photography with my image editing expertise to create my one of a kind images. 

About Pikx Photography

Commercial Grade Photography

We believe that great photography is only half of what makes a great photo. We combine professional photography with commercial grade image editing to create our one of a kind portraits.


Panther Sohi


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My name is Panther ( Panthpreet ) Sohi - I'm the founder and creative behind Pikx. I love taking on new projects, coming up with ideas and seeing them implemented in the real world. When I' m not working, you can find me at the gym working off the Krispy Kremes.



Design & Marketing

Pikx Creative is our main company. We offer a wide set of services to businesses such as: Graphic Design, Marketing, Website UI & UX, Brand Identity, Social Media Marketing, Advertisements and Digital Marketing.