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Every Photoshoot Includes 

Pre Shoot Consultation

A Phone / Zoom call with Panther to plan your photoshoot out from outfit, background, props, poses and more.

 Outfit / Location Changes

Different outfits and locations for you photoshoot to make it look like two or three different photoshoot if you'd like.

All High Res Images

All images taken from the photoshoot will be sent to you to straight from camera ( JPEG ) free of any watermarks.

Professional Portrait Edits

Images of your choosing will be professionally edited in adobe photoshop by Panther ( exposure settings, color grading, alignment ) 

Photoshoot With Panther

A Studio photoshoot at Panther's Studio ( Mississauga )  with Panther Sohi as your photographer.  

Direction & Posing

The photographer will be assisting you in posing and positing during the entire photoshoot, everything from your nose to your fingertips.

Online Image Gallery

Images will be displayed on an online image gallery ( Microsoft Drive )  for 60 Days.  Be sure to download the images onto your device.

Touchups & Enhancements 

Every professional edit includes touchups and enhancements to make your image look as perfect as possible. 

Packages & Bookings

To Book your photoshoot, click on your preferred package. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at or a text/call at 647 447 6636. We'll be happy to assist you or answer any of your questions.