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What are Model Headshots?

Model headshots are professional photographs that showcase a model's physical appearance and personality. They are typically the primary marketing tool used by models to promote themselves to potential clients and agencies.

Model headshots are typically taken in a studio or on location with professional lighting and equipment. They should be high-quality, well-lit, and show the model in a flattering way. The focus is on the model's face and features, with different types of modeling requiring different types of headshots.

Fashion models, for example, may need headshots that highlight their unique bone structure, while fitness models may need headshots that show off their physical strength and physique. Commercial models may need headshots that are friendly and approachable, while editorial models may need headshots that are more artistic and creative.

Model headshots are an important part of a model's portfolio, along with full-body shots and other images that showcase the model's range and versatility. When getting headshots done, it's important to work with a professional photographer who understands the modeling industry and can help you create the right look and feel for your portfolio.

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