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What Kind of Headshots does a model need?

Models typically need a few different types of headshots to showcase their versatility and range. Here are some of the most common types of headshots models may need:

  1. Commercial headshots: Commercial headshots are typically bright, friendly, and approachable. These headshots are designed to showcase the model's personality and appeal to a wide range of clients, so the emphasis is on the model's smile and friendly demeanor.

  2. Fashion headshots: Fashion headshots are usually more edgy and sophisticated, with a focus on the model's facial structure, bone structure, and unique features. These headshots are often black and white or have a high-contrast look that emphasizes the model's features.

  3. Editorial headshots: Editorial headshots are designed for magazine and editorial work, and tend to be more artistic and creative. They may feature interesting lighting, unique poses, and more dramatic makeup and styling.

  4. Fitness headshots: Fitness models may need headshots that show off their physique and strength. These headshots may feature the model in athletic wear or workout clothing, showcasing their muscle tone and physical fitness.

  5. Beauty headshots: Beauty headshots are close-up shots of the model's face, with a focus on their makeup, hair, and facial features. These headshots may be used for beauty campaigns, makeup and skincare brands, and other similar types of work.

When getting headshots done, it's important to work with a professional photographer who understands the type of modeling you are interested in and can help you create the right look and feel for your portfolio. You should also consider working with a makeup artist and stylist to help you achieve the right look for each type of headshot.

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